A Good Yarn

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Technical Difficulties

When I returned to work on Tuesday morning I found a lovely package on my desk! It was a package of goodies from Deb, my August Project Spectrum Swap partner. She sent me a package with the theme of the beach. Now I'd like to post a picture of all the stuff, but I seem to have had a malfunction with my camera. I took pictures of everything at the office, but when I plugged in the memory card, there were no pictures. I'm guessing I must have inserted the memory card incorrectly so it wasn't recording, or something. I did bring the yarn home, so I was able to re-take pictures of that this morning. Here's what she sent me:

Some great wool from SuDan Farm in Oregon. In case you can't read the label, it says:

Breed: Coopworth

This yarn is a gift to you from a sheep named: Milo

This wool has been grown, sheared and processed with respect for the animals, land and humans that are involved!

How cool is that? Love it! As if that wasn't enough she also sent a couple of favorites:

Love the Trekking XXL - the subtle color changes are so cool.

LOVE the Misti Alpaca. So soft and cuddly. I've gotta find a really good lace pattern for this.

As if that wasn't enough, she sent some other fun goodies which I will re-photograph and post later. Except the salt water taffy. That has already been consumed. I shared with my little red-headed friend and he squealed with delight and yelled "TAFFY!" Such a great joy to share with an appreciative friend. Thanks so much Deb for a great package, but I'm not done thanking you yet!

The technical difficulties didn't just affect the pictures of my package from Deb. I had photographed the yarn and my progress on the Lozenge socks when I discovered the pictures weren't recorded. So I went outside and took pictures of the yarn and socks again. Came back in and plugged in the memory card - STILL no pictures. What the hell?!! This was getting annoying. So I took everything outside AGAIN and took pictures AGAIN and looked at the photos on the camera to make sure they were actually there. Mission accomplished. However, the pictures of the socks didn't turn out because my camera focused on the tree in the background instead of the socks. Well, I wasn't going to drag them out and take pictures a 4th time, so here are unfocused pictures of my Lozenge socks:

As usual, I made the legs shorter than the pattern called for and so I've started the heel flap, which is in stockinette stitch with one mock seam stitch in the middle. Here's the gray side:

I really struggled with the decision as to whether or not to continue with these socks. Deepa brought her Lagoon socks to knitting last night and was knitting them in the other pattern from Vintage Socks that I was considering using. Her socks are not pooling at all and look lovely. But I am fascinated with seeing where the pooling and flashing and is going to travel to and every stitch is so fascinating to see if it will match the stitch below or transition to a new color. In the end, laziness won out and I continued on instead of ripping out. I will probably end up giving these socks away for charity anyway, so perhaps someone will love the crazy swirls of color.

For today's giveaway, I have some jewelry magazines:

Art Jewelry - November, 2005

Jewelry Crafts - December, 2005
Somehow I ended up with two copies of this magazine that I don't want, so there's more than one available.