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Friday, September 01, 2006

Freedom or Chaos?

It's September (can you believe that?), so Project Specrrum is now officially over. I didn't finish up my last PS project last night (the second cuff). Instead, I took a tour of the new Minneapolis Public Library. (If you haven't been over there yet, do it! It's gorgeous and has so many amazing resources). Then I had dinner with a friend. (Machu Picchu in Uptown. I had the Lomo Saltado and a pisco sour. It was almost like being back in Chile again. I need a vacation!) I knit a little bit of it when I got home, but I didn't finish.

Anyway, so now I'm unbound from the structure of PS. During that time I would only start a project in any given month that was that month's color theme. So I finished up any unfinished projects and started new color projects. Sometimes I was just working on one thing at a time, sometimes two, sometimes three. My normal modus operandi is to knit three projects at a time and rotate between each one on a daily basis. That way I have something new and different to work on each day so I'm not bored and casting on a new project every week, but I still get things done. Yeah, I know I'm rigid. I'm a lawyer.

So, I'm gonna finish up the fingerless gloves. I'm also going to keep working on the mitred square blanket - more regularly now. I am still doing Summer of Socks for another 3 weeks, so I cast on another pair of socks. I haven't gotten very far, so I'll post a picture when I have more to show. As soon as the fingerless gloves are done, I have an opening and I can make whatever I want. It doesn't matter what color it is! There are so many choices. I joined the Day of the Dead knitalong and want to knit the DotD dolls for Katie. I want to knit tooth pillows for Ben and Red now that they're starting to lose their baby teeth. I want to knit a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I also am doing a charity knitting project this fall with one of my knitting groups - more on that later. So there are so many choices and things I want to do and so little time! It's exciting and overwhelming.

Then there's also my sizable stash calling out to me. Every time I buy yarn I want to cast on and work on that yarn. And I've bought yarn lately. It's a bad sign when you don't want to post your new purchases because you're embarrassed to admit you bought more yarn to other knitters even. So, wake up. That's definitely telling you that you know you have too much. I'm going to post it with the idea that it might curb my purchasing. You know, like how when you're trying to watch what you eat and keep a food diary - when you know you have to write it down, you think twice before eating it. Maybe if I have to admit I bought it here, I'll think twice about buying more. But I have bought more, so don't expect it to work right away. I bought some more Socks That Rock. I bought some for the Yarn Aboard exchange and since I was buying it anyway and the shipping is a flat fee....

Some Azurite - it's a little more gray than I was expecting. But it'll be a nice mellow contrast to this one:

Fire On the Mountain. Love those colors!

That's all I'm showing you today. I bought a few more things, but I'll post them another day. Onto getting rid of stuff!

My sister, Laura, used to work for a magazine distribution company, so she used to give me a bunch of magazines every time I saw her. I don't see her really regularly, though, so a lot of times I already had the magazine. So, I'm getting rid of duplicates or some magazines that I just don't want. I'll start with knitting magazines since I know those will be most popular. If you want one or more of these, email me or leave me a message and I'll mail it off to you - no charge. I'm just trying to get stuff out of the house at least as fast as I'm bringing stuff in.

Cast on for May - July 2006

Interweave Knits - Spring 2006

Knit Simple - Spring/Summer 2006

Vogue Knitting - Winter 2005-2006