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Friday, February 09, 2007

All knitting content

For Project Spectrum this year, I'm going to do a project incorporating beads for each grouping. For February and March the colors are Blue, White and Gray. I decided to stick with blue again and made this bracelet:

This was a kit I bought from Earthfaire, using Kreinik Metallics Fine Braid thread in silver, medium sapphire AB leaf beads and CL sapphire beads in size 8/0. It is meant to be joined together into a bangle style of bracelet, but mine ended up too short, so I sewed the two ends to a metallic clasp, instead. I made my bracelet with 49 stitches instead of the 43 stitches called for in the pattern, but I also have pretty big wrists, so it was still too small. I bought a couple of other colors of this kit, so next time I'm going to use all of the leaves - I think there were 51 or so in this kit - and see if it's long enough.

I also finished knitting my last mitered square:

Now I just have to sew that one together and then start sewing all of the big squares together:

I wonder how long that's going to take me. This has been such a great, portable project. I'm really going to miss that aspect of it. I had a long car trip for work yesterday and while I couldn't knit on the way there, because I had a kid along with me, I could have knit on the way back, but I just didn't have time to grab my knitting. I've knit a few of these squares while on work road trips.