A Good Yarn

Friday, February 02, 2007

February already?

Didn't January go fast? It seems like it was just Christmas. One month into my resolution to stick wthin my budget and it's a mixed bag. I did very well in keeping track of all of my spending. I did ok in keeping within my budget in some categories and not so ok in others. Not surprisingly, my craft supplies were one thing I was way over budget on. I did apply some credits from some categories that I had money left over to others, so I'm not starting the month already over budget in most of my categories. We'll see how I'm doing at the end of this month.

Here are some of my budget-busting purchases. My friend Kerry went to the Madrona Fiber Festival and I had her bring me back a skein of Socks that Rock:

She did an awesome job in choosing a colorway - I love this one!!! She also brought me back a present - some great glass stitch markers. Despite dozens of tries to get a good picture of them, I just couldn't get one that wasn't totally blurry. They're fantastic, though.

I also did a little shopping of my own. I had to try out the new Tofutsies yarn:

I may make something for my soon to be nephew with that yarn instead of socks, but I haven't decided for sure yet. I also bought some other yarn, but I think I'm going to use at least one of those to knit something for Project Spectrum, so I'll wait until later to show you that. Aren't you all tingly with anticipation?

Project Spectrum started yesterday and I mentioned before that I'm going to concentrate on making socks for PS this year. I also decided to do knitting with beads as well. I did bead projects last year, but I think I'll try to use up some of my bead knitting kits this year. Since I'm still working on the BFF socks (which are partly blue, so count as PS knitting), but I still wanted to start something new to kick off PS, I decided to make a little hat for my soon to be nephew:

I've been invited to a baby shower for my sister at the end of the month, so I need to get knitting for a few gifts. I'm really excited to be doing PS again - it was really inspirational last time.

OK, I migrated over to the new Blogger today and originally posted this and it was all screwed up. So far I hate the new Blogger. Let's try this again.