A Good Yarn

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yarn Acquisition

The other day I mentioned I bought some other sock yarn. I had originally intended to knit up one of these immediately for a PS/Knit Blue project, but now I'm quite taken with the idea of knitting the Tofutsies into a baby sweater, so I think I'll do that instead. But I need more Tofutsies. So, anyway, here's some new Jojoland yarn, which knits into a really cool graduating fabric:


I also got the February Sock of the Month yarn from Posh:

It's not a color of pink/red that I really like, so I'm thinking I may overdye it a darker color.

THAT should keep me busy for a while. One would think I now had reached the point where I really didn't need to buy more yarn. But one would be wrong. I have more yarn winging it's way to me. I also bought some yarn last fall that I never took pictures of and showed you. It's my "rule" that I must confess all yarn purchases before putting them into stash - it's my own attempt to shame myself into not buying more yarn. I've kept this yarn sitting on my couch for months so that I wouldn't have to own up to buying it. And that's the way it's going to stay for JUST a little longer.