A Good Yarn

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I hope you're enjoying this day off as much as I am. It's so awesome to have a relatively guilt-free day off. Being self-employed, I can pretty much take whatever time I want off any day. But I'm always thinking about all the things I should be working on that still need to be done.

I finished the Puff Baby Blanket:

Project Name: Puff Baby
Designer: Jil Eaton
Pattern Source: Minnies
Yarn: OnLine Linie 44 Ravenna
Yarn Source: elann
Date Started: 2/14/07
Date Completed: 5/19/07

Comments: I made this for my new baby nephew, Jason. I absolutely love how it came out - it looks exactly the way I wanted it to. However, I cannot recommend this project. I really thought it was going to be a quicker knit, because it's a bulky yarn. However, I didn't really think it all the way through when I started. It started out very nicely - I love the knit/purl diamond texture. That was fun. But, it's a two sided blanket that is "quilted" together, so I had to knit a second blanket out of plain stockinette stitch. So boring. If I had to do it over again, I might have knit the second side in the same diamond pattern and just been very careful in the tying. Anyway, then you have to sew the two sides together. The great thing about knitting a blanket is there's no sewing! Except this one. Then there's an i-cord border that really finishes it off, but that's so futzy and boring to knit. Finally, there are a billion bobbles to knit and tie on. I thought that was going to be the worst part, but it actually turned out to be not so bad. And I love how it turned out, so it was all worth it. I just hope it's not totally worthless because it's all lumpy from all of those bobbles. Here's another look, showing some of the other side:

On the plus side, I knit it exactly following Project Spectrum - I did the blue part in February and March and the green parts in April and May.