A Good Yarn

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Checking In

Don't have much to blog about lately. Not a whole heck of a lot of knitting going on. I have started hiking every Tuesday and Thursday after work, so that cuts down on my nightly knitting time. I'm at the point in my projects that there isn't much to show, either. I may be able to finish the shawl this weekend, but it'll probably take a little longer.

I'm excited that the first pre-season Vikings game is tonight. I was going to go to the game and test out the train, but there have been many stories about how many people have the same idea, so I may not take the train to games after all. Maybe I'll try the first game and see how it goes.

Last night I saw this movie:

It was ok. As with all action films, you have to suspend disbelief a bit, but it got to a point where there were just too many unlikely events. Perhaps I like Tom better as a good guy - or at least a bad guy with redeeming qualities :-) Dinner at La Grolla, which I went to earlier this summer and forgot to mention. It's ok. Good food, but not great. I got the exact same thing both times and it was better last time. Pretty restaurant. Spotty service.