A Good Yarn

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


My sister, Kerry, just called to say that she wasn't able to come up her as planned because she has a job interview today. She was going to come here yesterday with her boyfriend to see a band and then we were going to go see my grandfather today. She graduated from college this summer and just passed her boards, so she's trying to find a nursing job. I'm sad to not see her, since it's been quite a while, but I'm excited to have a little bit more time today to get stuff done - including blogging!

The Vikings game on Sunday totally sucked. How embarrassing. And aggravating. The pathetic thing is that the NFC is so bad, the Vikes are still tied for first place in the NFC North and would have the first wild card spot if the playoffs were this weekend. They have no chance against the Eagles, though, so I'm not too fired up about the playoffs.

In fantasy football I'm not doing much better. I'm done in one of my leagues because the playoffs start this week and I didn't qualify for a spot. In the league where I'm commish, I'm in 8th place. Despite having a pretty high point total. I just cannot get a break this year. My brother is in 2nd place and has clinched a playoff place, so I guess I'll just pull for him to bring glory to the family. If I can't three-peat as Champion, at least it could stay in the family.

Since the game was so stinky, I did a little Christmas baking. Well, not baking exactly:

My nephew loves these pretzels, so I always make a batch of them for him.

Sunday evening was spent at Book Club. No, I didn't finish "Shadow of the Wind" in time. I'm a bad book club member. We don't really go in depth in analysis of the book anyway - we usually talk about the book for about 45 minutes or so and spend the other 1 hour 15 minutes talking about other stuff the book brings up and life in general and eating. This time we spent a bit of time in choosing a name for the book club. We've never been able to come up with a consensus for a name, but there's been a great push to have a name, so we finally decided to put it to a vote. There was much spirited discussion and clearly two camps between something simple and something more wordy and "clever". Clearly, I was in the simple camp, but if the clever names had really drawn me, I would have gone there. The winner was "Feed and Read." A vocal minority hated the name, so we added a sub-title. So now, the official name is "Feed and Read: Imbibers of something, something and something." See, this is why I wasn't for the more complicated ones - I just can't remember.

I finally blocked my Great American Aran Afghan square:

It's amazing how much better it looks post-blocking. You can still see the stretched out place where I accidentally messed up the charts. I didn't want to frog the whole rows, so I just dropped those stitches and in putting them back on the needle, I stretched out the edge stitches.

As usual, Finbar was right there watching me take photos:

Yesterday was Red's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. He had 5 friends from school there and had a fantastic time. The Chuck E. Cheese party is a brilliant idea. No house cleaning either before or after the party. No kids running around your house, screaming. It's about $10 per kid and you get a couple of pizzas and pop, a cake, tokens for all the kids to play games and Chuck E. Cheese comes out and dances with the kids and then they throw up handfuls of tickets. We had more than enough pizza and everyone including the moms had cake. We had more tokens than we needed too and all the kids got whoopee cushions with their tickets and were laughing their heads off.

Last night I didn't do any knitting either. I was doing some glass etching, but the projects are all gifts, so no pictures. I'm not 100% happy with how they turned out anyway, so probably best not to memorialize it.

Finbar's dying to go out, so I'd better scoot. Have a great week.