A Good Yarn

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday, Sunday

So much for my good intentions to go into the office. First, I decided to unpack some more of my winter clothes and do a little laundry first, so I got a late start. Then I decided to go to Archivers to pick up the supplies I needed to make my Christmas/Hanukkah cards. Good thing I did too, because I changed my mind about the design. I found one stamped card that I really liked in the store, so I decided to buy that stamp and make some of those. Then I decided instead of buying more charms and going with a mosaic type of design, I'd go with a window and just the one charm I'd already bought. Cheaper card and less chance of getting damaged in the mail. Archivers has a work room you can use, so I cut up the paper and punched out the windows. By the time I finalized my design plans and picked everything out, the afternoon was nearly over.

I met up with a friend at The Bead Monkey. I did well and didn't buy any beads, but I did find some more ribbon to use on my cards and picked up a charm and some pieces for a very simple necklace. After that we went over to Cafe Latte to eat and knit together. I brought along my Florentine Flattery to get her opinion on whether over-dying the whole thing would fix the dye lot problem. No dice - when you start with a lighter fabric, it's going to stay lighter. She suggested dying the yarn a little darker in the skein to see if I can get a closer match. So, I guess I'm going to have to rip out the part I already knit and try that out. If anyone else has any great ideas, let me know. I should just rip the whole thing out and use the yarn on something else, but I've already invested so much in this sweater that I just can't do it. It's pretty hard to knit because it's so much texture and it's on size 3 needles. Plus, the cotton is pretty hard on my hands, so I can't knit on it for long stretches of time. Here's what it looks like with the new yarn added on:

It's amazing that the new yarn is such a good match, gauge-wise. I guess I'm going to just have to set the whole thing aside until after Christmas and try to figure out dying - I've never dyed before, except with food coloring.

After our yummy pizzas and dessert, I went over to my brother's house to help him talk to my niece about her falling grades and behavioral problems. They thought with me there as a mediator, they might be able to discuss things without them escalating too much. Sort of worked, but I'm not sure how much of a change there will be.

When I finally got home, I was itching to start my cards, so I spent a few hours working on them. These are the styles that I was working on:

Well, the Vikings game is on and the Vikes just gave up 26 yards on a reverse, so I'd better pay attention.