A Good Yarn

Sunday, May 22, 2005

How about that...

the sun is out! It's actually a lovely spring day, for a change! Of course, I've got so much to do around the house, I probably won't be spending much of the day outside. I definitely spent a little time with the dogs out there this morning, though. They're loving it!

I forgot to show you what I made on Wednesday night while I was waiting to go to the theater:

I'm calling it my Sith bracelet. I love it! The beads are a really nice glass with a opalescent coating. Very pretty and goes with everything!

Friday night was movie night with my law school chums. We saw this film:

I really liked it a lot. It's a film about racism and is structured like Magnolia or an Altman film. The huge cast is immensely talented - really there wasn't a bad performance in the bunch. I've read a few bad reviews and my personal opinion is that those people are taking the film a little bit too literally. The characters in the film all express their thoughts and feelings about others without any of the filters that we all put on ourselves everyday. People are "too polite" to say what they mean, but that doesn't mean that those feelings aren't there. And all of the characters' lives intersect each other, sometimes in ways that aren't very realistic. But again, I think the point of the film is to make a statement about society and people - the coincidences make sense within the context of telling this story, even if it's unlikely it wouldn't really happen that way in a large city like Los Angeles. Last weekend we had a discussion about coincidence and when it's believable and when it's not in a book. I think the same thing can be said for film. If it serves the story and makes sense, you go along with it. At some point it just becomes too pat, too unbelievable. For me, this movie did not cross that line. The other thing is that every person in the film was both good and bad - they did things that made you disgusted with them and angry, but then did things that made you understand why they are acting the way they do and sympathize. That is realistic. No one is all good and no one is all bad. When someone behaves badly, there's usually a reason. That doesn't excuse the behavior, but perhaps you can find a little compassion when you understand the reasons. I find that to be true in all of my cases.

Saturday was a busy day! The monthly Twin Cities AK Get together was at Yarn Cafe. Since the last month was so busy, it felt like a long time since I had seen everyone. It was nice to get together and knit and chat. The great thing about Yarn Cafe is that I had a nice glass of pinot noir and a cheese plate while we were doing it. They were not very busy for a Saturday. Hopefully it's just a function of the lovely weather and not because people are already bored with knitting and/or Yarn Cafe. Once it gets nice out, Minnesotans do tend to like to stay outside as much as possible, at least until the high heat and humidity kicks in mid-summer.

After knitting I went out for dinner with Bill and Beth and the boys. Then we took the boys to see Star Wars. It was much more enjoyable the second time - we got there early and got fantastic seats right in the middle of the theater and the temperature in the theater was perfect. I was able to enjoy the special effects more this time since I already knew the story line.