A Good Yarn

Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Thanks to all those veterans who gave their lives serving this country. When we were in Washington earlier this month, we got to see this memorial:

Yesterday, Kerry and I went to Sydney's for brunch and then walked over to The Yarnery. They closed for renovations earlier this month, so they look at spiffed up. They laid new carpet and painted the walls a brighter yellow, so it's a little brighter in there and just generally newer looking. This yarn store is in an old house, so it tends to have some problems with good lighting to look at the yarn colors. I didn't buy any yarn (twice in one week - I am good or what?), but I did buy this super cute bag from Lantern Moon:

Isn't it cute? There's a better picture on the Lantern Moon website. All of my other bags are big enough to carry a whole project, but a lot of times when I knit with someone, I just carry along the piece I'm working on. I usually put it into a small handled gift bag or shopping bag, but this is much cuter! The silk lining is really nice and luxurious. I love Lantern Moon products!

After the yarn store we went over to Bound to Be Read to see what knitting books they have left, since everything is on clearance now that they're closing. So sad to see another independent bookseller closing, but I suppose I'm just as guilty as anyone for this. I've bought books there, but I've also bought books at Amazon, Border's, Barnes & Noble, half.com and overstock.com. I wish I put my money where my mouth is, but sometimes convenience or price wins out - especially when it comes to knitting books. Why do they have to be so ridiculously expensive? I managed to get out of the store without buying anything. We walked down to Caffe Con Amore and sat in comfy chairs, knitting. Such a relaxing, fun afternoon.

Today is absolutely glorious! This is the spring we've all been waiting for around here. I'll definitely be mowing the lawn today and I think I'll pick some rhubarb and make a crisp or maybe a bread.