A Good Yarn

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Knitting and Feminism Revisited

The local alternative press newspaper has a story this week about the knitting/crafting and feminism subject we discussed last month. It's an interesting read. I liked this statement from the article:

If being successful means devoting oneself solely to "man's work," then what does that say about women?

Speaking of women's work, I don't have much to show yet for my efforts. I'm putting together the June beaded knitting kits and knitting up samples. I think I've got everything figured out, but I'm debating one more sample with my final counts. It's probably not necessary, so I'll probably move on to my regular knitting.

Renee's Reviews - the literary edition

I finished up "Curious Incident...". I really, really liked the book a lot. The first half I just adored. I found the narrator charming and funny and engaging. The second half I started to get annoyed with him and it got really depressing. I really can't imagine how difficult it must be to parent a child with autism. However, I thought it ended on a very positive note and while I don't require a happy ending, in this case, I quite enjoyed it. This is a quick little read and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Next I'm going to start our next Book Club selection, just so I can make sure I have it done on time:

We haven't read a graphic novel for Book Club yet, so I'm looking forward to switching things up a bit.