A Good Yarn

Thursday, June 16, 2005


We've had a couple of really fun days around here.

Tuesday night Bill and Beth invited me to go bowling with them and their kids at Tuttles. This is a fun place for a family bowling night. There are bumpers on any lane for the kids, their shoes go down to a very small size and they have 6 pound balls. I started out very poorly, bowling better than only the 3 year old. As usual, I got better as the night wore on and I had a chance to win with my last ball, but choked, so I came in 2nd. Not too bad after actually falling down on the lane after the first ball. Yeah, I'm a graceful one!

Bill had Red for the afternoon yesterday, so decided to see this:

I LOVED it! By far the best Batman movie and Christian Bale is the best Batman. After doing this movie with Christian Bale, I don't know how Katie Holmes would fall in love with Tom Cruise. The writing and dialog were great. The acting was really, really good. Christian Bale played Batman with the right amount of anger and menace and Bruce Wayne with the perfect mix of charm, charisma and entitlement. Gary Oldman was also awesome as Officer Gordon (before he was Commish). The tone of the movie is perfect - it's very realistic (well, as realistic as a man running around dressed like a bat can be) instead of the cartoony stuff of the last few Batmans. It's the best comic-book based movie I've seen. I thought it was much better than Spiderman 2. Of course, I've always found Batman the most compelling super hero and I love the director, Christopher Nolan.

I finally finished the last bit of the original yarn for Florentine Flattery. I managed to get a button band on all of the most exposed pieces. I'll have to finish the button bands with the new yarn and see how I can piece those button band segments together. I'm going to try to buy buttons today and then maybe I can finish this project up on Sunday. I've got Father's Day plans so I don't know how much time I'll be able to spend on it, but I'm highly motivated!