A Good Yarn

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lovely Day

It's days like today that make you glad to live in Minnesota! Yesterday was a little more rainy, but I had a great time at Minnehaha Coffee, knitting with Kerry. I FINALLY finished all the pieces of Florentine Flattery. I was so excited!! I ended up staying up really, really late, working on finishing. I sewed the two shoulders together and then started the buttonband. I had enough of the original color to make the front left button band. I'm going to try to make the part of the right button band that shows. Here's how she looks:

Here's a closeup of the buttonhole band:

I'm very happy with the picked up stitches. I'm going to have to go shopping for buttons this week. I want something very plain that won't draw a lot of attention to the buttonbands and don't have anything that fits in the bill in my button stash.

After I was up so late, I was pretty groggy when I woke up this morning. The first thing I saw was Fiona, laying next to the bed on her back, with her feet up in the air. Her head was away from the bed, so I couldn't figure out at first what that big lump of black and white fur was. When I finally woke up enough to figure out it was Fiona, I worried that she was dead because she wasn't moving at all. Happily, she was just asleep, in a crazy position!

By popular acclaim (ok, one request in my comments), here's a photo of my knitting books book shelf:

They're not organized in any meaningful way, which is somewhat embarrassing for someone like me. I put the shelves in at different lengths, so they are mostly organized by size. Those black binders at the top are my "knitting diary". I record information about every project I knit. I'll probably move more of those magazines out of the bottom shelf when I buy any more books. I've already moved all of my "Vogue Knitting"s into a separate box. The black binders next to the bookcase are my last two knitting diaries, for easy access to update. The bright green dish on top of the bookcase is my "snips" container - I throw any tails I cut off into there.