A Good Yarn

Friday, July 15, 2005

Dog Days...

The heat doesn't seem to be breaking, so I finally dragged out the air conditioner and threw it in the window. I was able to make it through the whole summer last year, but this stuff is brutal!

Last Friday I beat the heat with a movie with a friend:

I loved it!!! It's such a sweet, uplifting movie. I don't understand why it hasn't done better box office. As usual, Russell Crowe does an amazing job. He's so sweet and decent and expresses so many emotions with just a look. I'm not a huge Ron Howard fan because he's usually a little sappy for me and this one is definitely a tearjerker, but I didn't think it was over the top. After the movie we went out for dinner at India Palace. I love Indian food!!

Saturday I went on a bit of a roadtrip to northern Minnesota. I attended a horse show that one of my clients was participating in. I got a little lost trying to find the ranch, but I eventually found it and was able to see my girl win a ribbon. It was so incredibly hot - thank goodness my car has a really good air conditioner! On the way home, I stopped at the Albertville Outlet and did a little shopping. Ok, a lot of shopping. I've been wanting some kitten heel slides to go with all the new skirts I've bought this summer and just haven't found something that looks good. At the Liz Claiborne outlet, I found several that I liked. Everything at the mall was on sale, so at least I got some good deals!

Sunday was the TC SnB picnic, but I just couldn't go. I haven't been home much at all since the 4th and I really needed to spend some time with the dogs, get some housework done and do a little laundry. I also had book club on Sunday. I was worried about the conversation level with the graphic novel, but we actually had a really good discussion. Everyone really liked "Epileptic", so I think I can recommend it. One thing we talked about what how much longer it took to read than we thought it would. You have a lot fewer words, but you really study the drawings.

Sunday night I did a bit of beading. I belong to a bead of the month type club called Trendsetters. Once a month you get a little package of beads, findings, etc. that are new and hot. This month's selections were all turquoise. Turquoise is really hot right now, so I was very inspired by this package. I started two turquoise necklaces, but I didn't have enough to finish either. These packages are not beads that are offered in the store, so I'm trying to buy another package so I can hopefully finish these up. If I can't, then I guess I'll re-work some things and try something else. I'm not going to post pictures until I finish those projects. Since I was in a beading mode, I decided to finally make the coral necklace I've had the supplies for for a while. I got a really cool bracelet and earrings with coral, wood and citrine. I had a hard time finding the right wood beads, but I found something close and made a coordinating necklace:

I'd like to put a coral pendant on this, but I haven't found anything I like yet. I'll check at Insomniac Beads on Saturday.

On Wednesday night I attended the knitting group at Nina's and once again had such a good time. I am so glad I found this group! I FINALLY got all the pieces of Mariah finished and joined them together and started working on the yoke. As everyone has commented, those rows are so long when you join all the pieces together. Here's the obligatory shot of the pieces joined together:

Yes, that's my unmade bed. You all already know I'm a bad housekeeper!

I'm taking part in Marker Mania and received my first markers on Wednesday. Aren't they pretty?

These were from Erin, but she didn't leave an email or blog address, so I can't send a thank you. Maybe she's reading this blog - if so, THANK YOU ERIN!!! They're lovely!!