A Good Yarn

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent well wishes. That's so sweet and thoughtful! It's an absolutely perfect summer day for my birthday! Sunny, but not hot!

Yesterday I went to Needlework Unlimited to check out the Knit and Crochet with Beads trunk show. It's always amazing to me how much better things look in real life than in photographs. There weren't a ton of things from the book, but I really liked pretty much everything there. I love that cover stole and that was there - it's so pretty! I need to learn how to crochet so I can make it. I was pretty good and only bought yarn for my Secret Pal, none for myself. I did pick up Confessions of a Knitting Heretic and the new Interweave Knits. I really like this issue of IK. If you're in the Twin Cities, I recommend you go check out the beaded lovelies at NU, though.

I think I'm going to take the day off for the first time in many years. I just don't feel like working and I have a ton of things to do before heading to Sioux Falls for the weekend. If I don't get a chance to post before I leave town, everyone have a great long weekend (at least here in the U.S.) and enjoy the fireworks!