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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Catch Up

Whew! Time flies when it's hotter than Hades. I think I'm going to skip the pantyhose, even though I have a court hearing today. I think everyone will understand that when it's this hot and humid and I have to drive 45 miles to get there, I don't need to be all sweaty when I arrive.

It always seems like it's feast or famine around this place. Last weekend I didn't have any plans and stayed around the house the whole weekend. I got a lot of stuff done, which was nice. This weekend, I was gone so much I don't think I saw much of the inside of the house. After the brake repair fiasco on Friday, I tried to sleep in on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my electricity went out on Friday and I forgot to reset the clock after it came back on. I got up at 7:30, thinking it was 10:30. That's really early for me!

That did allow me the time to do yardwork before heading off for the AK Get Together at Minnehaha Coffee. I love that place! There was a pretty good turn out, considering it was a gorgeous, sunny Saturday. My sister, Kerry, was in town that night so my brother and I headed out to see her in the evening. Her boyfriend, Raine, has a band called Power Play:

That's Raine in the forefront, in the white and blue shirt. He's the lead singer. They were playing at the Back to the 50s show at the State Fairgrounds. So, we went to listen to the band and hang out with Kerry. I really enjoy those blogs where people always have pictures of every activity they do, so I can feel like I was really there. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those bloggers. I forgot to bring the camera. So, I stole that picture of the band from their website. Here's one of my sister from their website too:

She's the cute blonde on the right. Yeah, not the proudest moment of my life, but at least she's not pulling her top down. She's a beauty, so I'll have to post some better pictures of her some time. Anyway, after Power Play was done, Greg and I decided to head out and get a cocktail because no alcohol was sold on the fairgrounds. It was a pretty late night, yet again.

Sunday was Father's Day, of course, so Kerry and I headed over to Wisconsin to see our grandpa. He was looking pretty frail, so I'm glad we did it. Afterward, I went to a fireworks stand because I was in Wisconsin, after all. Most fireworks are banned in Minnesota. I'm not even going to be here for the 4th, so I just bought some stuff for presents for others. When I got back into town, the kids and I took Greg out for Father's Day. He chose his favorite - Fuji Ya for sushi. I got Chirashi, which is a bowl of rice with a bunch of sashimi on top. I liked it, but I don't think I'll order it again. I'm allergic to shrimp and I don't like anything really rubbery and fishy, so I had to give 3 or 4 pieces to Greg. I like to order a la carte so I can get what I really like. It was a good meal, though. Bill called while I was out and asked if I could watch Beth's kids so they could go out for dinner, so after dinner was over I headed over there and babysat. So, by the time I got home, it was late once again. Weekends go so fast when you're that busy!

Monday I had lunch with a friend at Fhima's. I LOVE that place! The decor is so pretty and the food is delicious. I had never been there for lunch - it's really reasonably priced and equally devine. I'll definitely be going back. On my way back from lunch, a huge storm blew in and I thought I was going to have to pull over. It was pitch dark and the rain was so heavy that I had a hard time seeing 3 feet ahead of me. I made it through, though, safe and sound.

Last night I met up with some knitter's at Nina's Coffee Cafe. They were so nice and I really enjoyed the evening. I also had an iced mocha that was devine. I may be addicted, now. I finished the left side of Mariah and decided to rip out the right side and re-do it with the proper edging. I tried all of the suggestions that you helpful people gave me, but none of them looked quite right with the left side. I could have ripped the left side and done both of them the same, but I decided if I was going to rip, I might as well rip the wrong one and do it right. I hardly noticed it since I was sitting there chatting and knitting with others - definitely the right way to rip! I got about 1/3 of it reknit, so I don't think it'll take me long to get back to where I was and then I can join all the pieces together for the yoke. I also blocked the hearts sweater:

I think that helped. I'm pleased with how most of the hearts look now, especially the blues that I duplicate stitched on. I'm not pleased that the two vertical stripes hearts look so different. The bottom fat one I did mostly in intarsia and the middle skinny one I did mostly in fair isle. Luckily this is the back, so people probably won't notice it that much.

I also hadn't mentioned that I finished "Epileptic". I did like it quite a bit. The drawings are very inky and dark and definitely add a lot to the story. There were parts that sort of dragged on, but overall, I enjoyed it. I'm interested to see how our book club discussion goes. I started this book:

Of course I'm enjoying it. I really like the Harry Potter books and movies. I'm sort of reading them yearly - ahead of the movie. I'm very impressed that kids are reading a book as huge as this one is. Apparently my nephew, Michael, has read this book 3-4 times. He was becoming a bit obsessed with the books.

And finally, a picture of Fiona, because I hardly ever post pictures of her:

As you can see, she also likes the small hiding places. She sits under the table sometimes when I'm at the computer, but this corner by the bathtub is her favorite place. This picture shows why I rarely post pictures of her. She's often hidden in little dark corners like this, which makes it hard to take pictures. And she's so dark that you need really good light to see her beautiful face. At least you can clearly see the dog dirt on the bathtub and know my house is a pigsty everywhere.