A Good Yarn

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I drove back to the Cities on Tuesday and met up with Bill and his family for bowling night. I bowled the best I've ever bowled, with a 136 score. Yeah, I know, I suck at bowling. Here are the boys:

I returned to work on Wednesday, not really in the mood to return to real life, and found this incredibly cute package on my desk:

How cute is that package? LOVE lady bugs!! It was a fun package from my friend, Renee. Inside I found these goodies:

Starting from the left are some Wallace & Gromit stitch markers, a fun assortment of Canadian candies, some yummy smelling bars of soap made in Canada, one of my favorite candles and a cute package of cards with beading on the front. Isn't that awesome? It's funny, those candy bars really do taste different than American candy. I think our chocolate has more fat and/or sugar. I think my Secret Pal and Renee are two peas in a pod, because Renee had the same idea to make some W&G stitch markers from fimo clay. Here's a close up - I apologize for it being so fuzzy:

Aren't they amazing? So detailed!!! I'm just tickled pink about these and can't decide whether to use them (as I so want to do) or keep them so as not to lose one or break one or something equally stupid, but typical of me. She also included a note on this incredibly cute stationary:

Renee, thanks so much for everything! I LOVE it all and appreciate your friendship most of all!!

So, after the excitement of all these goodies, I get back to work and shortly thereafter it's mail call and got a package from my Secret Pal. What an exciting day! Here's what my SP sent me:

Again starting from the left - Two packs of cards, some fun, fluffy purple yarn, some pretty purple beads and some very cute rubber stamps. More evidence that Renee and my SP are simpatico:

The same beading cards!! How funny and how cute! SP also included some knitting cards. I absolutely love any kind of cute stationary or cards or really any office products, so rest assured, I will be using these darling cards! THANKS SECRET PAL!! Once again, you're outstanding!!!

Wednesday night I was planning on dinner with my friend Alissa. I was absolutely miserable from my sun burn, though. By the end of the day, it was so painful and itchy, I just wanted to take off all my clothes and jump into a cold shower. However, Alissa is moving to Boston, so I wanted to see her one last time, so I went over anyway. Turns out she's not feeling well either, but she also didn't want to cancel. So, we just skipped dinner and sat outside and drank wine and chatted. I'm really going to miss her, but I'll definitely look forward to visiting her in Boston, my favorite city. And hopefully we'll be able to take a few more trips together again.

Since I made it an early evening, I had a chance to go home and sew the buttons on Florentine Flattery:

That's a pretty muddy picture. I'll post a picture of me wearing it once I find a photographer. I really, really like how this turned out, except for the fact that half of the back is a lighter color because I ran out of yarn. That totally sucks! I'll still wear it around the house and maybe if I'm going to a movie or somewhere with low light where it may not be so noticeable that the back is different colored. It's a bit too thick to wear with a jacket over the top. I'm also so very, very happy to have it finished! This took me the longest to finish of any project I've ever knit.

Thursday I met up with another knitter from TC SnB. She's writing a senior thesis about the knitting trend, so we sat and knit a bit and she interviewed me. It was really fun to leave work a little early and knit and chat!! Afterwards I took my brother out for his birthday. We went to my favorite sushi bar (he chose it, not me), Nami. I had my old favorite, the teriyaki chicken and sashimi combo. My nephew loves teriyaki chicken and ate about half of mine, but I still ended up being stuffed and unable to finish. They've got great food at Nami. Afterwards we went to Booksmart in Uptown because the kids were leaving for two weeks at my mom's house and wanted some stuff to read on the road. Sushi and bookstores - one of my top five ways to spend an evening.