A Good Yarn

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Let the Party Begin!

It's been way too hot to sit in front of the computer and blog (I'm really behind in reading blogs too - don't post so much until I get caught up, friends!). I have been busy, having fun, though. First, a cute story.

I got my hair cut last week and when I walked in, my hairdresser, Sandi, handed me a bunch of yarn and two knitting needles. She knows I knit because when she had her first daughter, I knit her a little sweater. Said daughter is now enrolled in a Waldorf School and knitting. She is making these really cute little stuffed animals. She was binding off and accidentally dropped a couple of stitches and didn't know how to pick them back up again. Sandi asked her what she should tell me she needed and her daughter said, "Mom, she knows the knitting magic. She'll know what to do." How cute is that?!

Friday I spent the day at the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. I am not up to walking 60 miles in 3 days, so I volunteered to help out. I worked in the gear store this year and I really enjoyed it. I spent most of the time scanning in purchases and bagging them up, which gave me a great opportunity to talk to and meet a lot of the walkers. It's so inspiring to see so many survivors doing so well! I also got the chance to spend a little time with my friend, Florence, after she finished up the first day. It was so hot and humid, I don't know how she made it all three days, but she did it! I'm so proud of her!! I was dead tired when I finally got home and put my feet up.

Saturday I met up with Kerry at our favorite spot and we gnoshed a bit, chatted a bit and knit a bit. It wasn't quite as hot on Saturday, so we decided to head over to the Minnesota Craft Council show at the Minnesota History Center. It was so nice! It wasn't too crowded, so we were able to get into and out of the booths and there was a nice breeze. They had some guild booths with displays that were really fun to look at. I'm thinking about joining the Bead Society. We also did a little shopping, of course. Kerry already showed her adorable fairy house. I stuck to jewelry:

This is a cloisonne Enamel pendant from Emily Chesick. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I really loved it. It came with a rubber necklace, but it was too short so I put it on this very nice silver chain instead.

These are anodized aluminum earrings from Q3 Art. I really like their stuff and have bought several other things from them. I bought these before the pendant, but I wore them both together yesterday and liked them together.

These are pins made from postage stamps attached to polymer clay by Susan Werner. I've bought a pin from her in the past and think they're really cool. The giraffe one is for my step-mom, since she collects giraffes. The other two are for me, obviously.

Sunday I had to go into the office and do some work, since I was gone most of Friday. Afterward, I went over to the mall and did a little more shopping for some birthday presents for my brother and some new work clothes for me. It's been so hot I haven't wanted to wear a suit and especially pantyhose, so I picked up some cute skirts that I think I can wear to court without hose for days when we're going to be meeting the judge's chambers and not having a formal in the courtroom hearing. They very cute!