A Good Yarn

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Knitting Weather

Yesterday was the perfect day for knitting. It was nice and cool and so comfortable! I suppose this is what it's like in places like San Francisco all the time. We'll be back up in the high 80s again soon - just in time to be helping my brother move. Goody!

Sunday was a hot one, but I met up with Kerry at the very air-conditioned Minnehaha Coffee and knit for a bit. We also went to Needlework Unlimited to check out the Scarf Style trunk show. I already really liked that book a lot but I really loved seeing some of the scarves in person. The one I was most drawn to was "Turkish Treasure", which I hadn't really even noticed in the book. Maybe because it's crocheted, which I don't really do. Maybe this fall I'll take a crochet class.

I was able to finish up the right front of Lucky on Sunday, too.

Once I started decreasing for the surplice front AND the sleeve hole, it went really fast. Maybe I'll actually get this done in time to wear this fall.

I received another set of stitch markers from Marker Mania:

These cuties are from Suzie and I love them! I love how she matched the funky big beads with the cute little beads. Very cool! Thanks Suzie!!

Monday we had a huge storm - kind of a flash flood. My brother's car broke down in the midst of it, so I went to give him a ride home and we decided to get some dinner too. Just a local watering hole, Tailgate Sports Cafe. I've been trying to eat healthier and hadn't had a hamburger in about a month. It was so yummy! I also had a couple of Buffalo wings, which I hadn't had in just as long and quite enjoyed those as well! Absence does make the heart grow fonder :-)

Yesterday we took the car in to a garage to be fixed. They didn't have anyone to pick up the part needed from the dealer, so we did that too, to move things along a bit. We had lunch at Khan's Mongolian Barbeque. Believe it or not, I'd never been there. You go through a buffet type line and pick out what meats, veggies, noodles and sauces you want and then bring it up to be stir fried. I liked it! I love the fact that you can pick exactly the veggies you like since I'm so picky about that stuff. I HATE green peppers. Last time my sister Kerry and her mom, Kim, visited we went to Benihana and they really enjoyed it. I think they'd like this too. It's not as much of a show, but still very cool.

Last night was bowling night with Bill's family again. I didn't bowl my highest score, but I was incredibly consistent. I didn't get lower than an 8 on any frame. I really wanted to buy that ball so I'd have it every time I bowl from now on!