A Good Yarn

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Still Beading

The heat came back again. We had a picnic at Hyland Lake Park Reserve on Tuesday night and it wasn't too bad. I did a little hiking on the nature trails before everyone else got there, and it was pretty hot when I wasn't under the tree cover. The kids had a blast at the rec area - especially the water sprayer.

Yesterday I had to file a motion in Washington County and on the way back I saw a store called "The Bead Alley" right off the highway. Of course I had to check it out. Turns out, it's a combo platter - beading and yarn store. It's pretty much split evenly between beads and yarn. Which means they don't have a huge selection of either. But it is a nice selection. I picked up a few beads and one knitting pattern. They had a mix of basics like Cascade and Brown Sheep and novelty yarns. They also had the Malabrigo yarn that it's so nice.

It was so hot when I got home that I decided to do some more beading instead of knitting. I got some more turquoise chips from the Trendsetter club and was able to finish that necklace:

I have enough chips that I could have probably made a 4 or 5 string necklace, but since I already bought the 3 to 1 connector, I decided to just make it 3 strings. They didn't have any more of the turquoise nuggets to go with the other Trendsetters selection and they don't sell it in the store. I did find some that are close on eBay, so I could buy some there. But I also tried putting something together with red coral and I sort of like that. I need more coral, too, though. I'll keep thinking about that one. I did get some more glow in the dark beads and made a bracelet:

It does look pretty cool when you walk into a dark room. I still have 2 more beads left, so I have to decide whether to make earrings or some stitch markers for myself, since I sent all of the others away.