A Good Yarn

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Let's Do That Again!

A long weekend is so much fun! I hope all of my fellow Americans had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was very low key. I have a major chest cold, so that was negative, but I loved having the time off. I spent Thanksgiving day with my brother and niece at their place. He made a smoked turkey, which was different. I think I prefer the traditional turkey better. We usually go to a movie on Thanksgiving, but we couldn't all agree on one film and I was feeling pretty tired, so I just went home and knit. I spent all day Friday at home. It was so nice. I was able to get some cleaning done around the house, which made me feel much better. I also finished up the Top Down Hat from Susan's blog:

Project Name: Top Down Hat
Designer: Susan Lawrence
Pattern Source: Susan's Blog
Yarn: Reynolds Caviar
Yarn Source: Secret Pal 6 (thanks pal!)
Date Started: 11/22/05
Date Completed: 11/25/05

Comments: I decided to use the half-linen stitch for the sides of the hat. Thanks for a great knit, Susan!

We had a winter wonderland on Friday:

Finbar just loves the snow. I think it's because he was born in late October, so when I took him home and was housebreaking him it was very snowy. I think the snow reminds him of his puppyhood. That first winter he would only go to the bathroom in snow, so as it started to melt in the spring, there were smaller and smaller areas for him to "do his business". He eventually figured out he didn't need the snow, but it was pretty funny. Now when the snow comes he's like a puppy again. He runs around like a crazy animal. He rolls around in it, he buries his face in it. Both he and Fiona eat it like it's ice cream.

I also finished up the band for the Lucky Clover Wrap:

It really wasn't too bad. I had heard it was so tedious to knit 62" of ribbing, but it went pretty quickly. I have another shorter band to make, but I thought I'd start sewing it together first.

It's hard to see in such dark yarn, but it's one of the raglan seams. This is an extremely challenging piece to sew together. That dark yarn is really hard to see. The stitches are so small it's hard to get into the right selvedge. I managed to get one sleeve sewn in and part of the sleeve seamed. I'm relieved to find that the sleeves are not too long. I'm afraid the sweater itself is a little too short, though. We'll see once I get the side seams sewn together.