A Good Yarn

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I'm not participating the Olympic Knitting, so this was just another weekend for me. I am enjoying seeing everyone's flurry of productivity, though! I didn't have time to even knit one stitch on Friday. I did enjoy some fun knitting activity on Saturday, though. I checked out the Swedish Knitwear exhibit at the American Swedish Institute. The designer, Gerd Kreij, raises the sheep, spins the wool, dyes it and then knits it up into these gorgeous, extremely fine gauge masterpieces. Now that's a project! There were a lot of gorgeous sweaters in the gift shop to drool over also - now I really want to make another Fair Isle sweater!!

After the museum we had lunch and knitting time at a fun new coffee shop/restaurant called "The Bad Waitress". It's on 26th and Nicollet, one of my favorite neighborhoods. The decor is very 70s inspired and we managed to snag a couch. The food was pretty good and I really liked the "Voodoo" mocha I had. Best of all there is a jukebox - I love jukeboxes! I'll definitely be heading back there again.

I went over to my brother's place afterward and made dinner for the fam and just sort of hung out. It was a fun night! It's a bit chilly around these parts these days and Finbar is still partially bald, so I bundled him up in blankets yesterday:

Isn't he adorable? Today I'm going to be working in the ends on my Lucky Clover Lace Wrap. After almost a year, I'm finally done. I am very satisfied with how the band came out after I ripped it out and knit it 15" longer. It's hard to take pictures of yourself wearing a sweater, but here are a couple of attempts:

Much better v-neck this time! Here's another attempt:

Last week I was on a mission to find the perfect shell to wear underneath. I originally thought white would be good so you can really see the lace pattern, but after trying it with white I'm not so sure. Since the fronts cross across each other, you really only see the white over the breast area, which is a little too "breast-centric" for me. The purple one I'm wearing in those pictures is nice, but maybe too close in color. I may have to see if they have this in another color. I tried a brown tank with a built-in bra, but I didn't have enough support and said breasts looked really saggy. Another brown one with beads around the edge was pretty nice. I also tried a green crinkled tank and it worked ok, too. I'll post better pictures once I can rope Bill into taking some for me.