A Good Yarn

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Night at the Theater

I had a lovely time last night dining at Loring Pasta Bar and then seeing "Indian Cowboy" at Mixed Blood Theater. Loring Pasta Bar is one of the most romantic, lovely restaurants around - if you're going out for Valentine's Day, this would be a good choice. I had a tortellini with marina sauce and sausages that was really delicious. I also had a great salad with pears, blue cheese and walnuts that was delicious. For dessert I tried a chocolate espresso torte that was just ok. The play was a good one. It's a one man show about the life of a man from India who travels to the U.S. to become an actor. The actor was very skillful in portraying several different characters. The whole play was set to live music which was really effective. The actor was only lighted by several candles, which I didn't like so much. It was a really thought-provoking piece and I especially identified with the main character's self-searching for what his identity is and where he fits into the world. That's a struggle that I have quite often too.

After the play I came home and watched the Grammys on the west coast feed. I was glad to see U2 awarded so well, although I'm still quite bitter about being shut out of the concert here by the damn scalperman who bought up all the tickets right ahead of me. I didn't really enjoy Mary J. Blige's duet with them on "One" either. Loved Bruce's performance and Sir Paul's. It reminded me of one of the highlights of the last time I saw him and he performed "Helter Skelter". I couldn't help but wish U2 joined him on Helter Skelter since I love their version of it too. I really loved the tribute to Sly and the Family Stone - that may have been my favorite performance of the night. The big finale piece was ok. I love the idea of Bruce and Bonnie Raitt performing together, but they were on opposite sides of the stage. While I was watching the Grammys, I made some good progress on my Jaywalker socks. I'm still in love with this yarn and I'm glad I made the Jaywalkers with them. I love the zig zag pattern:

much more than the plain stockinette:

That fuzzy white stuff is snow - we're having a big of a snowfall right now.

Speaking of weather (ok, bad segue), I saw Word Clouds on a lot of blogs and had to create one of my own:

I love it! My favorite stuff on there, although I don't know where autodiscovery came from. I also would make some of the bigger words smaller and the smaller words bigger, but as it is, I would buy a shirt if they had one in a style that I wear.