A Good Yarn

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had a super cute picture of Finbar, my valentine, to post, but my stupid computer reformatted my diskette with the pictures on it. Oh well, you know what he looks like. This morning after I let the dogs out I was still tired so I went back to bed. Finbar jumped into bed and laid right next to me and started licking my face - almost like he knew he was my Valentine!

I also had some cute pictures of Lucky on that diskette. I got Bill to take some more and they're not so cute, but what are you going to do? First, here's a picture of the bell sleeve:

I sewed all the ends in on Sunday and it's now an official finished object!

Project Name: Lucky Clover Lace Wrap Sweater
Designer: Melissa Wherle
Pattern Source: Stitch n Bitch Nation
Yarn: Peruvian Collection Baby Silk
Yarn Source: Elann
Date Started: 3/15/05
Date Completed: 2/12/06

Comments: This sweater took me longer to knit than anything else I've ever done, but I finally finished it! I had to rip out the neckband and knit it a little longer and re-sew it in, but I think it turned out pretty well. This yarn is absolutely wonderful and I'd definitely use it again. I may need to replace the ribbon inside because it keeps coming untied.

Sorry about the red eye. I was in a dark office for these pictures trying to get pictures really quickly. Here's another view, without my evil demon eyes:

You can see in the previous picture that I was wearing my beaded wristers underneath. This is a little chilly to wear on a cold day like today. It's very comfortable, though and looked good with black dress pants yesterday. Since pretty much everyone liked the purple shell, I decided to stick with that.

So, pretty excited to FINALLY finish this sweater. I'm very happy with it and it was worth the long, long journey. Usually when I finish something, I spend the rest of that day ironing because I have a TON of ironing, but my ironing board was piled with junk, so I decided to do some scrapbooking instead. It was fun to work on for the first time in a while. I'm the slowest scrapbooker ever, though. So many things to do, so little time!