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Friday, March 31, 2006

Wrapping Up March

I loved the start of Project Spectrum. Lolly is a genius! I'm taking up her book post also. Here are some of my red books. I just grabbed whatever red or pink books I had on my book shelf. I used one of my cookbook holders to set them up and noticed I had a lot of red cook books, too, so I left those in there with my other books:

It's actually a pretty good cross-section of my books, except that I didn't include any knitting books, which are on a separate book case. There's the cook books, some popular fiction, some crafty stuff, some non-fiction and some literature.

It's gray and rainy around here.

Thank goodness it's not snowing, though! As you can see, things are pretty brown, so it's really ugly driving around town. The grass is trying to peek out, though and the trees are starting to bud, so soon it'll be pretty again.

I got a picture of the boys with their snake scarves:

They seemed to like them, despite their facial expressions here. I'm happy with how they look and the length, though.

I finished up one mitered square block in reds and pinks.

I had to block the hell out of it to get it to lay flat. I'm not too happy about that. I'll keep making blocks, though, and see how it goes. It may end up being a much smaller blanket than I originally planned, though.

I also finished up the felting on my Nantasket Basket:

Project Name: Nantasket Basket
Designer: Susan Pierce Lawrence
Pattern Source: http://nantasketbasket.blogspot.com/
Yarn: Cascade 220
Yarn Source: Borealis for the yellow, I can't remember where the red came from
Date Started: 3/21/06
Date Completed: 3/27/06

Comments: I wanted to use up some of the feltable yarns in my stash, so I decided to make these baskets for Easter for the kids. I think I made the handle a bit too long for this one. Next time I'll also finish the handle by kitchnering the ends together instead of doing a three-needle bind off.

That was a good transition project since it has both red for March and yellow for April.

Elann is on the Project Spectrum bandwagon, too.

How fun! I'll knit up these samples in April.