A Good Yarn

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hurry Up Spring!

It's snowing again. Ugh. I've started buying cute summer clothes and sandals and I want to wear them now!! At least the days are longer. Since I'm self-employed, I can chose my own hours for the most part. I usually go in later and stay at the office until about 6:30 or 7:00. Yesterday when I left the office at 6:40 it was still light off. The days are such much better when you don't feel like you've been in the office all day long.

Once again, I have an FO!

Project Name: Jaywalker Socks
Designer: Gumperina
Pattern Source: Magknits
Yarn: Tess' Designer Yarns Super Socks
Yarn Source: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2005
Date Started: 1/14/06
Date Completed: 3/22/06

Comments: I bought this yarn from Tess' booth at MDSW 2005. It's a fantastic sock yarn! It was only $15 for a skein that's 450 yards. I have a lot of the skein left. I definitely will buy more of this yarn. I started these socks while waiting for the plane to Mexico in January, 2006. I really love how this pattern works with this yarn. I really love how the finished socks fit. It was hard to get them on over my heel, at least at first, but they fit perfectly once on my feet.

Here's the obligatory sole to sole picture:

Yes, my legs really are that white. There's barely any difference between the snow and my calf.

I also started making a Nantasket Basket.

More stash knitting. These are two skeins of Cascade 220. I bought the red just because I loved the color. The yellow was left over from my thrummed mittens. I had a lot of trouble trying to find something to go with my red beads earlier this month and I had just as much trouble with this basket. Red just doesn't look that great with a lot of other colors, at least one on one. I started with red and white, but it looked really Christmasy, so I ripped it out. Any greens also looked Christmasy. I just didn't care for pink and red. Blue was ok, but I didn't love it. I think if I had a nice dark blue in stash, I would have used that. If I had some orange, maybe I would have used that. A gold color would have been perfect, but this yellow is ok. It looks kind of catsup and mustardy. I have some Peace Fleece that I might have used, but I've heard Peace Fleece doesn't felt well. If you have any experience with felting Peace Fleece, let me know.