A Good Yarn

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Just call me the finishing lady. I sewed on the buttons and crocheted the loops and now I've got a finished sweater jacket for my sister, Laura:

We're short ladies in my family and since she wanted it to fall about mid-thigh instead of all the way to the knee, it's a bit shorter than the pattern. I still have yarn left, so if she wants it longer, I can easy tear out the bottom garter stitch and add on. That's the beauty of a top down!

Project Name: Neckdown Long Hooded Cardigan
Designer: Diane Soucy
Pattern Source: Knitting Pure and Simple Leaflet
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Silk
Yarn Source: Knit Picks
Date Started: 10/30/05
Date Completed: 3/15/06

Comments: My sister asked me for a long sweater coat with a hood that she could throw on while she's running errands. This pattern fit the bill, so I showed it to her. She asked me to put some buttons on it too and to make it about mid-thigh length instead of all the way to the knee. So, I sewed on some toggle buttons and crocheted some button loops. This was my first time knitting from the top down and I really liked it. It's so much fun to cast off at the bottom and not have to sew any seams. Laura is very particular about yarn not being scratchy, so I thought this alpaca/silk/merino blend would fit the bill. There is a bit of scratchiness from the alpaca when I tried it on, but it was too tight on me, so I'm hoping with a more relaxed fit on her, it won't be bothersome. If I were making this pattern again, I'd work with a bulkier yarn since this was fairly loosely knit to achieve gauge.

As you can see, it's resting next to the other thing I've been working on these days - shoveling snow. We got another 6" last night and today, so it's another snow emergency in these parts. You may notice that it's still snowing in the background. I was hoping for another snow day, but it's just not enough for that. I took a picture of the back and kept the snow on it to remind me of our nice wintery March: