A Good Yarn

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another one Finished!

Comments: This one is made with Lamb's Pride Worsted. I got the brown at Depth of Field just for this project and the Turquoise from the sale room at The Yarnery. I made the sides a little bit longer on this one because I thought the first one was too shallow, but then I ended up running out of yarn and having to use another blue to finish the handle. If it wasn't just a kid's Easter basket, I probably would have ripped back and reclaimed some of the yarn to finish up. It also felted differently, so with this yarn I think the original size would have been fine. I did make the handles shorter and kitchnered them together and I like the results much, much better.

I've also been working on Project Spectrum stuff. I did some papercrafting:

I also finished up the Orange Crush mitred square:

It looks just like the old Bronco's colors. This orange and yellow square will be very bright and cheery!

I also started ANOTHER Nantasket Basket for Easter in PS: April colors.

As you can see, these pictures were taken outside - we're having a lovely spring weekend! I've started switching out the wardrobe and wore some new sandals today - I'm very happy about that! I went to the American Craft Council show today and ALMOST made it without buying any earrings after my gluttony last weekend, but I found a pair I had to have. I picked up a few other things too. Such wonderful, talented artists!