A Good Yarn

Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Update

This weekend wasn't nearly as productive as the past couple of weekends have been. It did seem to zip on by, though. Friday I saw this film:

I had mixed feelings about it. It is very stylish and there are some visuals that are stunning. And I certainly believe in the sentiment of it. But I did feel like it sort of knocked you over the head with the message and edged over the line of cornball in the process. There are some great character actors in this film, and I especially liked the complexity of the detective played by Stephen Rea. I didn't much care for Natalie Portman's performance. It just didn't seem authentic to me. The story isn't told in a straight forward narrative - things are explained as the film goes on in flashbacks and discoveries. I usually enjoy this kind of plot manipulation, but I'm not sure it was completely effective in this film - I think I understand the history of the world from now to 2020, when the film takes place, but it was rather confusing at times before things were explained.

I also picked up the Mason-Dixon Knitting book and made a new mitered square following their directions.

Pre-blocked, but I can already tell this one is more square than my previous attempt, so I'm going to rip out the other square and follow these directions. I also started a new Nantasket Basket, outside of Project Spectrum:

As you can see, this time I'm making one with the basket pattern, using one of my favorite combos - turquoise and chocolate brown. I'm using Lamb's Pride for this one. I did knit up those yellow and orange swatches from elann this weekend. I don't think I'm going to buy any of those yarns, but it was fun to knit those bright colors!

We've had a lot of rain and gloom over the weekend, so the bright, sunshiney colors are good for April! No April fools jokes on or by me on Saturday. I did go to a craft show with Kerry and picked up three pairs of earrings. One of these days I'm going to have to learn glasswork so that I can make my own beautiful glass. We also stopped by Needlework Unlimited . I picked up a couple more balls of the Alchemy Haiku and the pattern for Femme Fatale. Maybe when blue month rolls around that's what I'll work on. I didn't participate in Flash your Stash on Saturday because my yarn is all in plastic boxes and plastic bags, so it's boring to look at unless I drag it out, which would be a pain in the ass. Some of the stash is on the inventory page if you're just interested in what I have. I really need to get working on getting the rest of it on the page, too. Maybe that'll be my spring project. To keep me from feeling too deprived about not going to Maryland Sheep & Wool. If you didn't see it, check out Wendy's Stash Flash - truly yarn porn!

Sunday I went with Bill and his family to an Easter Bunny breakfast at the store I'll always call Dayton's (a sure sign of age, when you call things by names they haven't been for years). Afterwards we went to the Science Museum and saw one of the films in the Omnifest.

Of course I love documentaries and films and animals, so what's not to love about this? Imax films are so much fun to see and this one is a short one - less than 40 minutes long, I think. The beavers are adorable, though. It's amazing to see them topple a huge tree. There's a film about India also playing, which I'd like to see before Omnifest closes.