A Good Yarn

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I forgot to include this button in my last post:

I quite enjoyed the knitting content on Grey's Anatomy this week. I like that they showed the docs knitting the week before to set up this episode. I loved Meredith's angry stabbing knitting. I loved Izzy's graceful, quick knitting. I loved that she knit a sweater for Denny, though I doubt a surgeon, no matter how fast she knits, could knit a sweater in one day at work. Izzy's so conflicted about her feelings for Denny - do you think she knows about the boyfriend sweater curse and is hoping that perhaps the relationship won't work out so she doesn't have to face her feelings? Most of all I loved the mantra, "I have my knitting." Knitting as salve to the soul as well as crutch to avoid painful feelings. Oh, how I identify with that theme. And that's the end of the knitting content in this entry. Since I'm talking about tv, I'll do my semi-regular tv talk.

I also really enjoyed West Wing. I've never been a big fan of the Josh and Donna coupling, but I was pretty thrilled that they finally consumated it. I loved their ackwardness, especially Donna's - a little unexpected for me. And even though I knew it was coming, I still cried like a baby when Leo was discovered. I'm glad they're wrapping the show up now and in this way. I'm excited to see some of the old faces, too.

I'm also really excited about the return of The Sopranos. How genius to come full circle in the series and have Uncle Jun shoot Tony. This season is fantastic so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it will end.

I've also been watching "Big Love" on HBO before The Sopranos. I was a bit skeptical about it, but I'm totally absorbed. It's really just a soap opera, so I love it. I love how the actresses are playing the three wives. It does seem so very authentic. I have to admit it's odd to see Chloe Sevigny in prairie skirts, though - her frequent appearances on Go Fug Yourself have been burned into my brain.

So far that's the only mid-season replacement show I'm really digging. Thief has only aired once so far and I'm intrigued with that. Andre Braugher's very complex character is interesting to watch. And it's a little thrill to see "Ann" from Arrested Development playing his daughter.

Speaking of my all time favorite show, I'll close with sad news. Entertainment Weekly reports that AD was given a chance by Showtime, but the series creator, Mitch Hurwitz decided to turn it down. He says, "I had taken it as far as I felt I could as a series." I'm so very sad. That show was so funny and creative. But, I appreciate his concern about not destroying those qualities by keeping it going. He said a lot of the actors are being cast in films, so hopefully we'll see them all again soon!