A Good Yarn

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday was about the most perfect day you can have, weather-wise. It was 77 and sunny. Those of you in the warmer climes are probably yawning just about now. But there aren't many days between the cold and snow and the heat and humidity around here. And a lot of those days are gray and rainy. So a day like yesterday is like gold. We have to deal with that cold and snow and people don't understand why we do it, but we also appreciate a beautiful day like yesterday in a way you can't if you live in sunny California. Unfortunately, I was very unproductive last week, so I couldn't leave work early. I so much wanted to head home and sit in the sun and try to read some of my book club book. I did manage to sit outside and read a report for about a half hour. Almost as good.

I should be able to finish up the third Nantasket Basket tonight - just the handles left to knit, then the felting. This one is HUGE and we'll see if it felts down.

And I finished the knitting on the April mitred square.

That's them blocking. The square is shaped much better than the old pattern I was using. I'll rip that one out and re-knit the pink and red square. I may rearrange these squares before sewing them together. I think the pink and red are too close to be sewn together.

This weekend I'm going to start the Wobbly Circles Tote Knitalong. I had a bunch of Lamb's Pride Bulky in my stash, that I'm going to use:

The only skein I bought for this is that bright green and now that I have it with the other yarns, I think it might be too bright. I may pick up something else. It's just a small accent color, but I'm thinking that's still too much.