A Good Yarn

Friday, June 09, 2006

Indulge me, please

I've been knitting a bit, but there's not much interesting to show. I'm sticking to not buying yarn. It's been over a week! :-) So, I want to post one more time about Finbar. I promise this won't turn into my-dead-dog-blog, but I felt ready to go through the old pictures and just wanted to post a couple.

This is the first picture I took of him after I got him. Isn't he such a cute little baby puppy? He looked like a fox to me. As you can see, he's standing on the snow, which I've shared before that he loved so much. He's not on a leash either - those were the early days when he wouldn't leave my side. I love this picture because he's looking at me out the side of his eyes - he still did that as an old dog. He'd act like he didn't hear me and look at me out the side of his eyes. I love how big his ears look and how long his nose is for the rest of his head. To the very last minutes of his life I always kissed that long snout of his.

Here's another baby picture. I started knitting just before I got Finbar, so that's him with my very first knitting bag. I made that bag myself out of a piece of fabric I fused to the bag and painted with puffy paint. What a huge change to my life that period was - after I graduated from law school, I decided not to go to Hungary and didn't really know what to do with myself and was struggling. I started volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem, I got a puppy and I learned to knit. I can't even imagine what my life would be like right now if I had made other choices during that time.

One more puppy picture. Love, love, love to see him curled up. Half the time he'd be so cute curled up and snoozing and I'd go over and bother him with my kisses and scratches. That red bit on the couch is some knitting. It's one of the first things I ever knitted. I learned to knit at a community ed course. After I made a dishcloth, I made a simple cardigan. Only it wasn't so simple for me. So if I got stuck in between classes and needed to set the sweater aside to get help, I'd knit afghan squares from a Learn to Knit book - out of that red yarn. I'm sure I was sitting on the couch knitting and Finbar was curled up at my feet and I had to set down the knitting, get up and take a picture of my baby. He loved to just sit next to my feet if I was sitting and knitting or sitting at the computer. Last night Fiona was sitting next to my feet where Finbar used to and it made me feel so happy - she's usually more keen to stay a little way away.

Speaking of Fiona, here's the first picture of Fiona and Finbar together. She's so tiny!!! She only weight 12 pounds when I got her at the humane society. I don't think she was treated very well in her first 2 years before I adopted her. When I got Fiona, the only time she and Finbar sat next to each other was if they were on the bed, so I used to take a lot of pictures of them sitting on the bed. After seeing dozens of them, my brother said, "Oh, goody, more pictures of dogs on the bed." Now Fiona really doesn't get up on the bed any more. I think now that she's a lot bigger, she just has trouble getting that far up. Plus, as I said, she likes to keep her distance. So she tends to lay right next to the bed, instead of on the bed.

That's it. Just wanted to share those cute pictures. I miss him every day, but I do feel happy remembering him now, finally.