A Good Yarn

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Erhaltene Socken?

Last year there was a meme going around where you listed songs that you know all the words. The songs from "Grease" would qualify for me. When I was 10 years old and "Grease" came out, I wanted to see that movie more than anything in the world. I remember begging my dad and step-mom to let me go see it. It was rated PG and my parents took that rating literally. I remember them discussing it and my dad saying that a friend told him there was a scene where John Travolta takes a condom out of his wallet and it cracks. They both laughed and I remember wondering what was so funny. Because of that sexual content they decided I couldn't go. It's on ABC Family channel right now. Oh, how times have changed.

Back to knitting. My knitting pals and I also placed a group order to a yarn store in Germany and I got some Trekking:

Color 100

Color 102

Color 104

Color 109

Obviously, I like the Trekking ombres! We ordered this quite a while ago, but we chose the "slow boat from Germany" method of shipping to save money, so it just so happened that the Trekking and the STR arrived on the same day. The wait for the shipping was worth it, though, because with shipping, the yarn was only $8.25 a skein - such a great deal!! Maybe I'll take a trip to Germany and do a little yarn shopping in person one of these days!

I also started my PS June knitting, the blue mitred square and another piece for the overall blue square: