A Good Yarn

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Ok, as promised, here is a knitting update:

I finished up my last PS May project, Nora!

Project Name: Nora
Designer: Berroco
Pattern Source: Berroco Leaflet #224, Fashion Focus
Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist
Yarn Source: Elann and Perfect Touch Yarns
Date Started: 5/11/06
Date Completed:

Comments: I bought this yarn from Elann a while ago and decided to knit it up for a Project Spectrum project for May (green). I needed a lot more yarn than the pattern called for and it was at Elann because it's a discontinued shade. Luckily, I found more at Perfect Touch Yarns and it was even the same dye lot. I bought more skeins than I needed at PTY, just to be on the safe side, so I pretty much doubled the cost of this project. Oh well, I'll be able to knit some cute baby stuff with the leftover yarn.

This yarn is beautiful, with a nice sheen and a drapey hand, but it really splits a lot. I'd use it again, though. I made the ribbing narrower because I don't need deep ribbing around my middle. I also changed how the sweater wraps. The model had a cute buckle that the wraps tied around, but I couldn't find anything like that. Wrapping the ties all the way around my middle was very unflattering - cutting me in half and looking very wide. So I ripped out a substantial length of the ties and just tied it on the side in the front.

Here's a PS July project, Jaywalkers in STR.

This color is "Romancing The Stone". It was really hard for me to capture the beauty of these colors, especially on that cloudy day. It's really lovely, though. As Cara taught us all, STR looks wonderful in this pattern. I actually have finished that sock since I took the picture. It doesn't fit me quite as well as the Tess' Yarn pair did, but it is nice. STR truly does rock. It's such a wonderful, soft yarn, a real delight to work with. And the colors are amazing in every skein I've seen. If you haven't treated yourself to some of this yarn yet, I recommend you do so immediately.

Last time I also mentioned the lovely cashmere I bought. Here it is:

It's Artyarns Cashmere 5. It looks like a thin yarn, but it's actually 5 strands of yarn held together, to make a worsted weight. And it's as soft as any yarn I've ever held. Unbelievable! I'm going to knit it into wristers, because it feels so nice and soft against my wrists. And I need them all winter long in my freezing cold office.

I also picked up a few other skeins of yarn here and there over the last week or so. I absolutely loved Jess' Seafoam Stitch scarf, so I went to Borealis and picked up a skein of Cherry Tree Hill and got the pattern from them, so I can copy her and make one for myself:

I love the rich reds and greens in this colorway, called Old Rose. I also bought some yarn from Heather for exchanges and she sent me this awesome skein:

So cute! Again, just rich colors, this time in yellow and orange and a fun pink stripe every now and again. That one will be fun to knit up! Finally, I bought a skein of Vesper yarn from the Destash blog, just because I've never been able to get a skein of it before.

This colorway is called "Aqua Melon" and again, I love it! I LOVE pink and green, especially together, and the melony-red color makes it a richer colorway. This feels like a pretty nice yarn to knit up, too.

Once again, this post is getting long, so I'll stop now. I did buy a little bit more yarn - some more STR. I also got an AWESOME package from the Secret Pal 8, that I'd like to share with y'all. And I've done a little bit of PS August, neutral, knitting. I'll share some of that with you guys next time. I'll leave with a cute picture of Fiona. I got my new camera and was trying it out (the yarn pictures were taken with the new camera too) and after I saw how well this picture of Fiona came out, I decided to keep it. It looks fantastic all blown up, too.