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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Illusion of Progress

One of my favorite judges often uses the phrase "The Illusion of Progress" when talking about steps being made toward a final decision without an actual decision being made. Most of the time the illusion isn't that - we really have made progress. But it's a funny, self-deprecating turn of phrase that I like. And so since I have knitted, but there isn't anything really interesting to show, I'm going to post The Illusion of Progress and show all of my mitred squares laid out together.

For those who are not regular readers of this blog - I have enthusiastically participated in Project Spectrum, which is winding down and will be over in one week. One of my monthly projects was a mitred square. I would make one small square in the colors of the PS month - (red and pink or yellow and orange or different blues, greens or purples, etc.). I would then make three more small squares mixing in one PS color and another color. Then I sewed all four squares together into one big mitred square for that month. So now I have 6 big mitred squares. I'm not sure who I'm making this blanket for or how big it's going to be in the end, so I don't really know how much progress I've made toward a finished object. I think I'll probably just knit until I don't have any more Tahki Cotton Classic or Classic Elite Provence left. I have bought some additional colors along the way, though, so I seem not to be making progress in using it up - typical!

Anyway, here it is so far:

It was a very bright, sunny day when I took these photos, so part of it is lost in the shade, sorry about that! Here's an overhead shot:

I have to admit that I like how it looks so far. I fell in love with this pattern and love the wild look of all of those colors within the constraints of the neat boxes. Now that I'm not constrained by the limits of Project Spectrum, I'll keep on knitting squares putting together colors willy-nilly and we'll see how it comes out. Here's another look at it, but besides the shadows, it's hidden by a big pile of fluff:

Fiona NEVER wants me to take her picture. Whenever I have the camera in hand, she scurries around, getting away from me. But apparently when she saw this "blanket" laid out, she thought it was for her comfort. She still wouldn't look at the camera, but I did manage to take a quick photo.

I also wanted to show you a couple of new goodies. First up, a skein of yarn I've been eyeing for a few weeks now and finally just picked up because I like the colors so much:

This is my first skein of Claudia's Hand Painted. It feels very soft and cushy. I just adore this colorway. I'll probably make a hat from this skein.

I also received a WONDERFUL gift from a very good friend, Deb:

It's a pointy kitty! Isn't that face so CUTE??!!! Here's the body:

I just love it! Don't you wish you had a pointy kitty?