A Good Yarn

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time flies again

I can't believe August is already half over. This is the fastest summer ever! The Fringe Festival was a ton of fun. I saw 26 shows in 10 days. Most of them were really good. There were a few I didn't care for, but none that I hated. My favorite was the last one I saw - Curriculum Vitae. I will definitely go the Ultra Pass route in the future and try to cram in as many as I can next year. There was knitting in one show that I saw - she only knit a few stitches and mostly moved the knitting around while she talked, but the stitches she did do were done correctly. I saw a woman bead crocheting a lovely necklace at one show. I knit in between a few shows too, but not too much. I did more reading on my Palm, but I'll talk about that in another post.

I also spent the past weekend at the Irish Fair - working the food and ticket booth. I saw one woman wearing knitted pants - they were in a feather and fan stitch. I also saw one of my fellow knitters, Maureen from Fargo. On Sunday I brought the blue Conwy sock and got a bit of knitting done during down times, since I was there for 8 hours. It turned out not to be the best choice for projects, though, because I'm using some super sharp doubled pointed needles from Golding. These are fantastic needles to knit with (extra sharp and extra slippery for me), but when I set down the sock, I almost poked at least one person and did poke myself and they looked a little scary with all those sharp points sticking out beside me.

As I mentioned before, I did finish up the first of the STR Jaywalkers:

I also finished my first square for the PS August neutral mitred square, but I was too lazy to take a picture. I'll wait until I block the finished square.

As I also mentioned, I bought some more STR yarn. I've joined a couple more swaps (they're all listed in the sidebar) and decided I wanted to get one of my pals some STR in a nice red color. So I tacked it onto a friend's order and threw in a couple of skeins I had seen and really, really wanted. However, the nice red yarn I thought I ordered turned out to be a bright pink. Lovely for me, not so lovely for my pal. So, I may give these to someone in one of the other swaps or I may just keep it myself. The yarn is called "Ruby":

On my computer screen the skein does look sort of a tomato-red, but trust me, in real life it's a bright pink. So, I called Blue Moon and asked for their advice and a different colorway is coming. Along with a couple more skeins, since I was going to all the trouble of ordering, anyway....

The other two skeins I already got this time were Lagoon:

and Rockstar:

Rockstar is the one that started it all for me - I first saw STR on Cara's blog when she made some Jaywalkers in Rockstar. I fell in love. The first time I ordered I didn't get Rockstar because I got Sherbet and thought they were too similar. But then I saw the Rockstar in person and knew I had to have BOTH of them. And now I do. Cara, I both thank and curse you for this STR obsession. As you recently posted about working with the lightweight on your gorgeous knee highs, it's amazing yarn to knit with, in fantastic colors and making a lovely fabric. Unfortunately for me, I'm a natural-born collector and all the different colorways are just perfect for a collection!