A Good Yarn

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I finished up my Jaywalkers!

Here they are on the feet:

And the obligatory soles together pose:

Project Name: Jaywalker Socks
Designer: Grumperina
Pattern Source: Magknits
Yarn: Socks That Rock - Romancing the Stone
Yarn Source: Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Date Started: 7/20/06
Date Completed: 8/30/06

Comments: These aren't quite as close fitting as the first pair I made from Tess' Designer yarns, but they do fit pretty well. As usual, I made the legs a little bit shorter than the pattern called for. I like how the colors mostly matched up, even though I didn't try to make it happen.

I also finished up the first fingerless glove. I thought I'd post a picture of it off my hand, so you can see the pattern better:

There's a twisted rib pattern on the bottom that gradually changes over to stockinette stitch on the palm side. Apparently I'm obsessed with the mock-cable. This is the third pattern in a row I've made with it (Conwy socks, the preemie hats and these fingerless gloves).

I finished both of these up at knitting group last night. We had another Wednesday night St. Paul group over joining us, so we were a big group! I also invited a few of my blogging friends over, so we were even bigger! Deb invited Annie Modesitt, so it was also star-studded. Annie posted a picture of the group on her blog. Deb brought me a present:

I'm thrilled! I saw some around blogland and really wanted one, and now I have one!! Deb had knitted up the little sock for her keychain and it was ADORABLE! I am paralyzed with indecision as to which yarn to make my first mini-sock from. I'm thinking probably STR.

Now to more give aways. Now I'm moving on to knitting patterns and magazines I've gotten over the past few months and can't use. First up, the patterns. These are just not my cup of tea. But if you'd like any of them, they're all yours. I'll drop them in the mail - no charge!

First up, a pattern booklet using Streetwise Chunky yarns - it's most kids' stuff and very colorful:

Next is Knitting in the 90s:

Here are the patterns:

Now a Prism Yarns pattern booklet of home stuff - pillows, afghan, rug, a teddy bear.

Then a Cherry Tree Hill bag - it's 11" tall - maybe big enough for a yoga mat?

And finally, some Christmas themed cross stitch charts: