A Good Yarn

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I mentioned yesterday that I went to Joann's Etc for buttons. I also picked up some Paton's Classic Wool since it was on sale for $5 per skein - a great price!

I already have two different brands of worsted weight wool in red, so it wasn't something I really needed, but they only had red and gray and I already have gray too. Plus, I love red.

I finished the first Jaywalker last week. Not in time for the big contest, so I joined the Jaycrawlers group:

Thanks for the button from the Hedgeblog! As I mentioned before, they are a big hard to get on - takes a little wiggling. Once they are on, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable! The best fit I've ever managed. Here they are:

Yeah, that's a Christmas tree in the background - I'm a horrendous housekeeper. I don't turn the lights on any more. I vow to put it away before March arrives.

Last night I finished the first sleeve on Laura's cardi and started the second:

I need to block that baby a lot. All of the edges are curling under. Plus, it's pretty loosely knit, so I need to steam her to make those stitches more even.

My last film class tonight, so I won't get much knitting done. I'm going to Washington, D.C. on Thursday for a long weekend - maybe I'll be able to finish the second Jaywalker. I'm getting excited about Project Spectrum starting up next week. I'm going to explore a number of different crafty pursuits in the color palette each month.